Info for parents

At Voiceover Kids our philosophy is simple: to bring you a wide choice of real kids from all the world. Some have lots of studio experience and others have a love of acting. The youngest just have oodles of personality. What all of them share is a Mum or Dad who has invested the time to help their kids pursue an exciting hobby.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide for parents. It covers a wealth of useful topics including information about local authority licensing, demo reels, recording studios, how to find work and what fees to charge. It’s all covered – everything you need to become a mum or dad voice over hero.

We do ask that you make a donation of at least £5 to children’s charity Leo House for the PDF download. If you are under 16 please ask an adult to download the guide on your behalf.

After you’ve made your donation, please download the guide here. The ebook is best viewed if you amend your PDF reader settings to “two pages”.

About Leo House

Leo House is a Sussex children’s charity caring for life-limited children and young people. Leo House nurses assist support sick children and their families from the difficult time of diagnosis through to end-of-life and bereavement. The nurses operate as a part of the Chestnut Tree House community tea and part of their work involves looking after the sick child, working with agencies and medical professionals to ensure families receive the services they need and befriending and listening to the concerns of the whole family.